Best RV Roof Vents & Covers

Roof vents for RVs are very necessary for keeping the air in your RV fresh and clean. They do this by permitting the circulation of open-air and stale, odorous air, keeping your RV smelling and feeling lovely.

Normally, your RV will accompany a couple of RV rooftop vents previously installed. These are generally situated in the washrooms or the kitchen, and here and there the rooms. Standard RV roof vents accompany a screen and an opening mechanism. Some accompany RV roof vent fans, which power the air all through the RV and act as roof fans when the vents are shut down.

Most RV roof vents require comparably sized-hole as cooling units at 14 by 14 inches. The standard establishment makes it simple to substitute and shop for a vent.

So let’s get started

Best Roof Vents for RV

1. Fan-Tastic Vent Endless Breeze

Best Roof Vents for RV

Fan-Tastic Vent Endless Breeze at a Glance

  • Brand: Fan-Tastic Vent
  • Model: 01100WH
  • Weight: 2 pounds
  • Vent Dimensions: 3.8in x 14.5in x 15.2in
  • Folding: No
  • Cover Included: Fan-Tastic Vent Endless Breeze – 12 Volt Fan

The Endless Breeze model is the most valuable product from Fan-Tastic. The Endless Breeze model is more efficient as it has three-speed settings. It has swivel legs so we can use it as tabletop. The sharp edges are straightforward and can move more volume of air. The quality of this product is tremendous and is additionally vitality effective with a power utilization of around 1.2 amps to 2.6 amps. You can put the speed in it and it will work according to it.

  • Energy efficient
  • Low Sound
  • Multi-purpose
  • Instant air flow
  • Bit Noisy and Expensive
  • High Vibration

2. Maxxair Vent Corp White Maxxfan Plus Vent

Best Roof Vents for RV

Maxxair Vent Corp at a Glance

  • Brand: Maxxair Vent Corp
  • Model: 00-04000K
  • Weight: 12pounds
  • Vent Dimensions: 17.4in x 17.2in x 10in
  • Folding: No
  • Cover Included: Maxxair Vent Corp Maxxfan Plus Vent

Our next pick is the Maxxair Vent Corp 400K RV vent fan that accompanies a ten-speed characteristic and a roof fan mode that improves things significantly during summer. The keypad controls are easy to understand and simple to clean. The reversible alternative permits you to turn it on while cooking so it conveys all the steam and undesirable scents out of your RV. The Maxxair 400K is good with all standard rooftop openings and is easy to install. This abundance of highlights is finished off with a reasonable indoor regulator and a cover opening handle that secures the top.

  • 10 fan speed
  • Reversible air flow
  • User friendly keypad
  • Expensive

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3. Maxxair Smoke Corp Maxxfan Plus Vent

Best Roof Vents for campers

Maxxair Smoke Corp Maxxfan Plus Vent at a Glance

  • Brand: Maxx Air
  • Model: 00-04500K
  • Weight: 5.23 pounds
  • Vent Dimensions: 14.8in x 12.8in x 5.2in
  • Folding: No
  • Cover Included: Maxxair Vent Corp Maxxfan Plus Vent Smoked

The Maxxfan from Maxxair is another utilitarian model with an inherent rain sensor that consequently shuts the cover and closes down the fan at whatever point it begins raining. This convenient component is joined by smoked lid and 12-inch edges that work at ten different velocities. The remote control likewise has an indoor regulator modification that permits you to turn the fan on at whatever point the RV is excessively warm and stuffy. Improving the ventilation inside your RV is easy with this basic and simple to introduce model.

  • 10 fan speed
  • Electric Lid opening
  • Having thermostat
  • Can be installed in all standard opening
  • Installation and removal is time taking around 1 to 1.5 hours it need
  • Rely on remote controlling
  • No partial opening from remote

4. Heng’s Standard Mount Universal Vent

Best Roof Vents for RV

Heng’s Standard Mount Universal Vent at a Glance

  • Brand: Heng’s
  • Model: 71111-C1G1
  • Weight: 4 pounds
  • Vent Dimensions: 7in x 5.3in x 17in
  • Folding: No
  • Cover Included: Heng’s Standard Mount Universal Vent

The standard mount universal vent by Heng is another quality RV accessory that was intended to address the issues of RV proprietors who need a basic yet powerful approach to let some circulation into their vehicle. This model accompanies a metal base and sweeps corners notwithstanding a more extensive edge. The vent was planned in view of the outside and is equipped for suffering unforgiving breezes and rain. This model is additionally firmly fixed to keep water from spilling into the inside of the RV and you can buy it in a standard size that fits 14″ x 14″ openings.

  • Non-powered galvanized metal base
  • Withstand excessive wind and weather
  • Compatible with standard roof opening
  • High Cost

5. Round Solar Roof Vent

Round Solar Roof Vent at a Glance

  • Brand: Solar Wholesale
  • Model: 000711
  • Weight: 1.2pounds

RV proprietors who are devotees of sustainable power source and need to fuel their vent without utilizing power can purchase the Solar Wholesale rooftop vent for their vehicle. This round formed gadget accompanies an implicit solar panel that utilizes sunlight to control its fan engine. You can without much of a stretch mount in on any divider that gets immediate daylight. The fan is quiet and can vent mugginess out of your RV effortlessly.

  • Having Solar panel
  • No batteries required
  • Mounted on any type of wall
  • Installation is time taking
  • High Cost

6. Ventline Birch White Ventadome

Best Roof Vents for RV, Trailers and Campers

Ventline Birch White Ventadome at a Glance

  • Brand: Ventline
  • Weight: 4.7 pounds
  • Vent Dimensions: 17in x 17in x 8.4in
  • Folding: No

The Ventadome from Ventline is not difficult to utilize and accompanies a dark crank that you can use to open and close the RV vent cover easily. The spine is made of galvanized steel for a solid form and association with your trailer. This rooftop vent permits natural air to enter and unnecessary heat to get away while the RV or trailer remains closed. The removable screen can be handily disconnected and cleaned, and the dome shape is durable and accompanies a brilliant white lid. Also, the crank is perfect for campers or RVs with short roofs that are in urgent need of a ventilation upgrade.

  • Slide mechanism have more surface area contact
  • Lift mechanism provide smooth operation
  • Flat knob to manually open and close knob
  • Cheap Material (Low Quality Plastic)
  • Installation difficulties

7. Fan-Tastic Vent RV Roof Vent [Editor’s Choice]

Best Roof Vents for RV, Trailers and Campers

Fan-Tastic Vent RV at a Glance

  • Brand: Fan-Tastic Vent
  • Model: FBA_8000 ABS LID
  • Weight: 10 pounds
  • Vent Dimensions: 11.5in x 17.2in x 17.2in
  • Folding: No

Now, we come up with the best product of Amazon “Fan-Tastic RV roof vent”. Appropriate ventilation is an absolute necessity in any recreational vehicle regardless of its size. This well-known and premium vent is a most loved among seasoned road trippers and enthusiasts of the open road for a few reasons. Initially, the 1200 model is outfitted with ten fan sharp edges to give the most extreme ventilation, sucking all the sight-seeing out of the vehicle and supplanting it with cool, natural air from outside. The best thing about the cutting edges is that they are made of straightforward plastic, permitting daylight to filter in as well. This solid model is minimal and a long way from overwhelming and accompanies a cover that keeps insects and other undesirable pests from entering the RV. Besides, the three-speed fan gives you better power over the measure of air that streams all through your vehicle.

  • Durable
  • Compact
  • Lightweight
  • Three speed Fan
  • Energy saving
  • Reversible airflow
  • Expensive (But Worth it)

8. Maxxair Maxxfan Deluxe Fan

Best RV Roof Vents & Covers

Maxxair MaxxFan Deluxe Fan with Remote and White Lid at a Glance

  • Brand: Maxx Air
  • Model: 00-07000K
  • Weight: 16.76 pounds
  • Vent Dimensions: 26in x 21.5in x 16.6in
  • Folding: No
  • Cover Included: MAXXAIR MaxxFan Deluxe with Remote

The Deluxe fan from MaxxFan offers the most extreme circulation during cross-country trips where the air inside your RV can get stuffy and unendurable during those damp summer days out on the road. This model accompanies a customizable speed fan and a vent with an implicit rain shield. The shield is inconceivably solid and the remote permits you to control the cover and the fan speed also. This model is good with all standard rooftop openings and accompanies all the fundamental screws and equipment expected to introduce it inside your RV. Cooling your RV is made simple with ten amazing edges that give 900 cubic feet per minute of cool air at whatever point you need it.

  • Powerful 10 blade fan
  • Electric lid opening with remote control
  • Fit all standard 14inch x 14inch roof
  • Remote Controlling issues

Best Covers For RV Roof Vent

1. VETOMILE RV Roof Vent Cover

Best Covers For RV Roof Vent

VETOMILE RV Roof Vent Cover at a Glance

  • Brand: VETOMILE
  • Weight: 1.6 pounds
  • Vent Dimensions: 14in x 14in x 2.9in

The Vetomile roof vent cover likewise made it on our rundown of RV vent covers for a few reasons. This model is both durable and lightweight with a position of safety streamlined plan that offers the greatest ventilation. The spread is produced using ABS plastic and galvanized iron. This mix shields destructive bright beams from entering the RV and keeps insects, for example, mosquitoes and flies from attacking your RV. RV proprietors who love voyaging and going on travels throughout the entire year need a withstand rain, wind, hot temperatures as Cover. This model was intended for all-climate use and has no leakage in the mounting framework that lets you abstain from holes into the outer surface of your rooftop so as to install it. In addition, the ceaseless pivot accompanies pre-assembled accessories for simple installation and working.

  • Good Quality material
  • Low profile aerodynamic
  • Widely applicable
  • Easy to install and operate
  • Expensive
  • Installation issues

2. Camco Standard Roof Vent Cover

Best Covers For RV Roof Vent

Camco Standard Roof Vent Cover at a Glance

  • Brand: Camco
  • Model: 40431
  • Weight: 1.92 ounces
  • Vent Dimensions: 19.3in x 19in x 8.7in
  • Folding: No

The Camco RV rooftop vent cover permits natural air to enter your vehicle regardless of the climate. High stream ventilation is conceivable gratitude to the streamlined plan that will keep air flowing inside your RV while you are out and about or during a blustery outing in nature. This model is anything but difficult to introduce and comes in five distinctive colors including champagne and smoke.

  • Easy to clean
  • Allow fresh air ventilation and light
  • High flow ventilation
  • We can replace screen
  • Component disintegration in sunlight i.e. cracking and fracturing is common
  • Bit noisy

Desired Features of RV Roof Vents

Selecting the best RV roofs vent for your Recreational Vehicles can improve things significantly during your road trip experience. There are such a large number of features to look over relying upon your individual needs or whether you need to introduce a vent in the restroom or bathroom. Either you need to deal with steam or so as to reduce the traces of humidity that arises undesirable smells in your lodge during winter. These features require a more profound look and are discussed in the accompanying section.

1. Less Power Consumption

‘Energy Saver’ are the two most wanted words that each vehicle proprietor likes to hear while purchasing any electric component. Getting a good deal on money-saving in electric bills permits you to allot more money towards other desirable modifications.

With the help of low amperage current draw RV vents, you can consume energy as much as possible. Electronic apparatuses devour energy and this energy is estimating in amperes. Hence, you must have to consider this number while selecting an RV vent.

The perfect amperage draw is something close to 3 Amp. This 3 Amp value is cost-friendly also reasonable and permits you to keep your power capacity utilization at a minimum rate. This is basically a reference point for RV proprietors who may require a powerful fan for their enormous recreational vehicle. Everything relies upon your own inclination and the size of your camper.

2. Excellent Ventilation

The measure of airflow rate through an electric fan is measured in CFM (Cubic feet per minute) and this element CFM can influence your selection to a great extent with regards to purchasing a vent for your RV. The higher this number, the better your fan can perform. A high CFM fans can help to provide an extraordinary performance for an enormous RV where moisture, heat and humidity can demolish the indoor condition, particularly on the off chance that you are preparing dinners and engaging huge gatherings or parties.

RV proprietors who own a small vehicle of a class B or class C can pick a vent with less CFM. Models with a low CFM can resolve your problems without costing as much as a vent with a 900 CFM rating.

3. Easy Opening and Closing Mechanism

The vent Lid’s opening and closing mechanism is likewise significant and changes across various models. A few models permit you to open the cover or lid automatically utilizing a remote control. And this element can prove to be useful if the roof of your RV is high or on the off chance that somebody experiences a physical issue and needs to open and close the top from a far distance. Manual covers or lids accompany wrench that you have to turn so as to open the vent.

4. Easy and Automatic Controlling as an Extra Features

These extra features are made to give a superior and increasingly customized wind current or airflow. It also the temperature inside your recreational vehicle. Customizable highlights are perfect for frequent and seasoned Road trippers who consider their RV as their subsequent home.

Some of these features permit you to change the speed of the fan contingent upon the measure of humidity, moisture or warmth present in your lodge. You can change to a higher speed during or in the wake of cooking so as to evacuate the lingering smell of cooked or uncooked food ingredients. This element is amazingly useful and permits you to save energy in low mode.

Rampage spending on an RV vent implies you can have further developed features, for example, the implicit downpour sensor or the built-in rain sensor. This sensor consequently shuts the vent cover during stormy and rainy climate. This component can prove to be useful while driving down the roadway when your hands are in any case involved by the controlling wheel. The indoor regulator include is perfect for cooling the lodge during those sweltering summer days when you have to decrease power consumption and give your Ac unit a break.

These user-friendly features and highlights permit you to purchase energy-saving vents and can set aside your money utilization in repair or maintenance over the long haul.

5. High Usage

RV proprietors who wind up on the chase for new adventures and who go through the greater part of their weekends locally onboard their camper will likely need ventilation and steady wind current or airflow more than the individuals who take their RV out about more than one occasion per year. The recurrence of your travel tours can sometimes direct the basics you need on your outing.

Purchasing an excellent RV vent with an abundance of features and a durable weather-resistant, climate-safe cover is the best approach in the event that you have a place in the first category. Putting resources into a heavy-duty vent with extra features permits you to have a steady supply of outside fresh air inside your RV regardless of the climate. In any case, in the event that you do have a place with the subsequent class, selecting a basic and less or no powered vent is the more coherent decision since you will be just utilizing your RV a few one or two times every year.

Leading Properties Of RV Vent Fans

1. Odor Control

Undesirable smells are sometimes very irritating and unavoidable. It can develop inside your RV with the passage of time. Family trips can likewise add to a blend of odors that can persist in your upholstery and window curtains.

These smells must be expelled with a series of profound cleaning. Frequent travelers and the individuals who went out on the adventures with friends, family and pets will feel the distinction an RV vent makes to the general air inside the lodge. Introducing a vent in the washroom or above the kitchen compartment permits air to circle inside the RV and welcomes crisp fresh air into your living space.

2. Cabin Cooling

Cross-country trips permit you to explore a new territory and drive down panoramic detours. A few states have a mellow climate while others are well known for their moistness and warmth.

Daylight states like Florida and Arizona can be extraordinarily blistering in the late spring and this is the place an RV vent can prove to be useful.

Dampness can likewise come sneaking in, expanding the temperature considerably further. Having a vent that serves as a roof fan permits you to rest or sleep inside your RV without depending on the AC system. This can assist you with saving money on electric bills and dispose of undesirable moisture simultaneously.

3. Air Circulation

Going through days or even weeks inside your RV without appropriate ventilation can diminish the air quality drastically, permitting residue and steam to attack the dividers and shades. Going with a huge gathering of individuals who share a similar living space and restroom can affect the general indoor condition inside your lodge. Utilizing scent, room fresheners just as smoking inside the RV would all be able to add to a rotten and stuffy lodge. Introducing an RV vent with a powerful fan causes you to expel these odors in minutes.


What is an RV rooftop vent fan and how it works?

The ‘RV rooftop vent fan’ is an amazing ventilation source for your vehicle lodge. Each fan is joined by a screen and a cover to shield birds and different small animals from invading in your RV. The screen likewise forestalls mosquitos and different bugs from sneaking in through the vent.
A manual handle or wrench is utilized to open and close the hatch. A few models accompany a remote control to manage the speed of this fan. The remote can likewise consequently open and close the cover. RV fans expel moisture, humidity and undesirable smells from the lodge and supplant them with natural fresh air from outside.

How can I replace an RV vent cover?

You can easily supplant the old cover by climbing on the rooftop with the assistance of a ladder and expelling the pins from the hinge. Ensure the tab is straight before expelling the cover. When you have expelled the top, you can introduce the new cover.
You should simply arrange it according to the fixed tabs before embedding the spaces along these tabs. When you are done, essentially close the tab and slide the pins once more into the hinge. Ensure that you secure the pins before you hit the road.

Do I need RV vent insulator?

Yes truly. Protection can improve things significantly with regard to your travels. Having that additional layer of insulation assists to minimize heat transfer and keeps the inside lodge cool and welcoming in the late spring and warm during winter.

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